Master’s and doctoral programs in business, liberal arts and ministry

Graduate degrees for serious scholars, creative thinkers, rising professionals and 那些有热情服务的人:

你是否有兴趣把你的职业生涯提升到一个新的水平,攻读MBA,追求 用M来表达你的创造性激情.F.A.为获得博士学位的学术生涯做准备.D., 或者只是通过澳门官方老葡京的研究生证书来扩展你的技能 provides a unique, supportive, hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to graduate and 以诚信为指导的专业教育,相信真理和真理的重要性 美德. 



选择教学: The Department of Education offers an Alternative Teacher Certification program to individuals who are seeking Texas State Certification, but have already earned 学士学位或更高的学位. 这条路线非常适合现在需要的教师 为了获得认证或学士学位后寻求职业转变的候选人.

天主教的老师: With the 澳门官方老葡京 天主教的老师 Certificate, you will meet all of 德州天主教会议教育处的教育学教学要求 在德州的天主教学校. The program is comprised of 18 credit 小时 and offers 强调初等或中等教育. 

经典的学习通过提供古典原则和教学法的基础,古典教育 Graduate 程序 aspires to form educators as master teachers. 参与项目的学生 探索历史、哲学、文学、美学、修辞和科学 西方传统中文科的根源. 

天主教学校领导:澳门官方老葡京天主教学校领导研究生证书设计 为你成为天主教教育的领袖做准备.


问答式的部教理事工的研究生证书就是专门为这些人设计的 who would like to serve as directors of adult formation, parish catechetical leaders or directors of children's formation, directors of RCIA, Catholic school teachers 或管理员.

田园部: The graduate certificate in pastoral ministry is designed to equip those who wish 在堂区、教区或其他有深度神学的牧职机构服务 知识和有效的牧养技能. 这个研究生课程提供几个专业, 每个学校都有独特的课程. Select a concentration of interest to you for practice 在一个明确的事工领域.

神学研究神学研究的研究生证书是为你做牧师而设计的 application of theological knowledge and can be completed 完全 在线 或者在校园里.


程序 描述
美国研究 Customize a program of study integrating American literature, 政治 and history, 探究对人性、政治秩序和正义的真正理解 是美国开国元勋们共同的. Gain distinctive preparation for a career in teaching, 公共政策或研究.
艺术(MFA) The graduate program in studio art seeks to provide the self-motivated student with the tools needed to meet the demands required of the professional working artist.
会计 Emphasizing principled leadership, this 33-credit-hour program provides accounting 具备在当今金融环境中脱颖而出的必要基础的专业人士 that compels high quality reporting and transparency.

无论是建立一家公司还是作为一个商业专业人士,这30学分 课程准备学生通过发展必要的技能来推进他们的职业生涯 在企业环境中脱颖而出.

对于那些考虑专业化的人,集中在会计,商业分析, 网络安全,金融,医疗保健分析,技术管理,市场营销,战略 Leadership, and Supply Chain Management is offered for an additional 9 to 12 credit 小时.

业务分析 The MS in 业务分析 is a 33-credit-hour STEM designated degree program that 准备结果驱动的个人影响战略,流程和决策 通过数据分析来探索关系.
问答式的部 The master's degree in catechetical ministry is specifically designed for those who would like to serve as directors of adult formation, parish catechetical leaders or directors of children's formation, directors of RCIA, Catholic school teachers or 管理员.
天主教学校领导 无论是想成为小学、中学的校长、校长还是行政人员 或教区级别,你会加深你的天主教传统的知识和收获 practical, experience-based skills for leadership in Catholic schools through the 天主教学校领导硕士.
经典 Prepare for a teaching career or doctoral work through the rigorous study of Greek 或者拉丁文,以及对古老文本的分析. 追求你的兴趣爱好 in the humanities with the foundation needed to read the texts of antiquity.
古典教育 Immerse yourself in the classical education ethos afforded by the core curriculum tradition at 澳门官方老葡京, and become conversant with the great works in the 西方传统的经典.
网络安全 网络安全硕士课程涵盖了组织面临的关键主题 today, including data protection, legal and compliance, operational and strategic 网络安全 management, penetration testing, and digital forensics. 这30-credit-hour 项目是STEM指定的.
网络情报 网络情报硕士项目专门从事最抢手的应用 skills in the key fields of business analytics and cybersecurity. 这42-credit-hour 项目是STEM指定的.
英语 英语硕士课程强调理解为阐释的文学批评 of individual works and development of standards of judgment. 学习氛围 is set by the understanding that poetry offers reliable access to a wisdom, which, 虽然可能不同于哲学,但在广度上可以与哲学相媲美 和渗透.
金融 这个33学时的课程为专业人士提供了投资方面的强化教育 以及公司融资. 金融 students gain the knowledge that can help them identify 衡量财务风险,制定减轻风险的策略,并评估公司的风险 财务策略和决策.
金融分析 金融分析硕士课程专注于数据科学的应用 在金融行业.  这个42学时的课程是STEM指定的.
人文学科 大学的各个院系都提供各种各样的研究生课程 目的是给你机会在不同的领域追求你的兴趣 而不是只在某一个领域获得学位,并且鼓励 the careful reading of a limited number of primary texts.
田园部 The master's degree and graduate certificate in pastoral ministry are designed to equip those who wish to serve in parishes, dioceses or other ministerial settings with in-depth theological 知识和有效的牧养技能.
哲学 哲学硕士课程旨在让学生认真、全面地学习哲学 对西方哲学传统的研究.
政治 政治系的双重使命是教学生审视政治 从政治哲学的角度来教育学生的领导能力 在公共事务中. Prepare for a career in law, journalism, business, government, 或者通过集中学习政治哲学和当代的课程进行教学 政治.
心理学 开设一系列人格理论,精神诊断,心理治疗的课程 和健康心理学,硕士课程提供精辟的历史课程 心理学,以及从灵长类动物研究到投影的专题课程 技术.
教学 The Master of Arts in 教学 focuses on the advancement of teaching as a career 专门为澳门官方老葡京的本科生设计 在获得学士学位的同时,有机会在五年内获得硕士学位 研究.
神学研究(MTS) The master's degree and graduate certificate in theological 研究 are designed to 装备你的神学知识的实际应用,可以完成 完全 在线 或者在校园里.
神学 阅读核心经文,参加基督教研讨会,参加神学学术会议. 分享 the gift of a rigorous, faithful and well-founded theological education through a 从事教学、研究或事工.


程序 描述
工商管理(DBA) 工商管理博士(DBA)是一个严格的应用研究为基础的计划 that will prepare proven business professionals to expand their breadth of knowledge and abilities in leadership, innovation and customer engagement to solve problems 在道德上引领变革.
哲学研究所  The IPS attempts to correct the tendency in higher education at the Ph.D. 水平向 以牺牲效用为代价的日益专业化,越来越野蛮和令人反感 技术术语以牺牲可理解性为代价,对人类的需要漠不关心 人必须在生活中做出正确的选择.
文学(Ph值.D.) Students learn to apprehend the form of literary art by attending to the qualities 通过研究诗歌的种类. 他们研究这些常数 of the art as myth, symbol, analogy and figure, image, prosody, and style. 在 在这个过程中,他们开始认识到特殊性与普遍性的显著一致性 that characterizes the poetic mode of being and that has led thinkers to define a 诗作为“具体的普遍”."
哲学(Ph值.D.) The aim of philosophy at the 澳门官方老葡京 is to recover the possibility of a wisdom dealing with those "first things" which ground and locate human experience 在整个存在之中. 哲学探讨人类存在的全局性. It analyzes the frameworks within which other human endeavors occur and recommends ways 它们可以被置于其中,以便阐明整体的性质.
政治(Ph值.D)  政治学博士学位的目的.D. program is to help form students who will be able to bring to the perennial political questions an understanding shaped by the centuries 关于这些问题的讨论. Our graduates have gone on to teach at leading colleges 和大学,最高法院法官的书记员,并担任要职 在总统执政期间.